Motor Cover

Over the years, our experienced team have found that Motor insurance is often an area where most standard policies fail to provide adequate cover to meet the needs of many of our clients.
With high performance vehicles often there is a need for open driving to allow family members and friends to experience the thrill of driving the vehicle. Other times, the cover will be needed to allow the vehicle on track days to fully experience the power of your beloved toy. Standard policies are rarely able to provide an extension to cover your exposures.
For cherished or classic cars the value replacement value can be agreed in advance allowing piece of mind in your investment.      Also, policies can be arranged to ensure that repairs are only undertaken at marque approved repairers ensuring the ethnicity of any repair work and part used to maintain the vehicles pedigree.
Often home will have several vehicles including electric autonomous vehicles, so a family-fleet policy is required allowing vehicles to be driven by young and old family members as well as domestic staff.Simply speak to one of our experienced team to discover the recommended tailored solutions for your insurance needs or if you would like to take your time to collate the information simply complete the quotation form below by clicking the orange button.