Travel Cover

We understand how our VIP Clients may face greater more complex risks when taking a higher value holiday than the standard package travel policies can accommodate. Usually, these don’t have higher levels of cover or ability to include additional travellers outside the immediate family. They also struggle to accommodate adventurous activities like jet skiing, high altitude walking, deep sea scuba diving and off-piste skiing
We have source insurance solutions that provide VIP Cover travel insurance which dovetails with our home insurance to automatically provide higher limits of cover. Not matter where in the world you are travelling or the extravagant nature of your holiday you will find that our travel insurance solution can accommodate you and your travelling party which simply isn’t available from standard online travel insurance or that provided by most credit card companies.
Our team will provide tailored travel insurance solution that dovetails with your all risks insurance to offer an increased level of cover providing higher limits with greater protection. Designed for our VIP Client’s and their high value assets, they allow you the freedom to take expensive watches, valuable jewellery and belongings abroad safe int eh knowledge that they are protected.